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Terms of Sales

The responsibility of the Société de transport maritime is governed by the laws of June 18, 1966, January 3, 1967 and December 23, 1986, as well as by decrees relating thereto. All passengers with a NAVIPROMER ticket are subject to the general conditions set out below. All passengers are deemed to have read these general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale can be consulted on the site and in the counters of NAVIPROMER Cruises. Their ignorance cannot in any case exempt passengers from the application of these general conditions. The responsibility of NAVIPROMER Cruises cannot be extended beyond these general conditions.

The price of the passage must be paid in full before each departure according to the tariff in force.
NAVIPROMER Cruises reserve the right to change prices at any time depending on economic conditions (surcharge, fuel, etc.) or to change taxes (TPM, VAT, port and usage taxes). Passengers must keep their ticket in order to be able to present it at any check.

Passengers must make their passage on the date and at the time indicated on their ticket. The responsibility of the Company cannot be engaged in the event of modification of the schedule or cancellation of departure due to force majeure, fortuitous or other. passengers are asked to present themselves at least 20 minutes before departure time, from the ship to the NAVIPROMER Cruises counter. The Company cannot be responsible for delays caused by traffic conditions (parking, traffic jams, train delays, coaches, etc.). The boarding time is 15 minutes before the ship's departure. The captain may modify or cancel the journey or the stops provided for on the ticket in the event of necessity of which he is the sole judge, for security reasons or render assistance in order to save human life or property. The departure or arrival times, the itinerary of the ships and the planned stops may therefore be changed without notice and without passengers being able to claim any resulting damage in order to obtain compensation. For any reason whatsoever, if the ships are abnormally delayed, cannot set sail, ensure the voyage or continue it under normal conditions, the Company can at its option: reimburse the cost of the passage of the transport not carried out, or transport the passenger on another ship, or by another Company.

Any modification of a ticket is subject to the authorization of the reception hostesses and the agent of the NAVIPROMER Cruises ticket office; The only people authorized to modify a ticket according to the reason given. This change can only be accepted once in the season. In the event of a ticket modification, NAVIPROMER Cruises must be notified 48 hours before the date and time of the scheduled departure. Any cancellation will not be subject to a refund except in the event of force majeure (death, accident, illness, etc.). Proof must be provided. Reimbursement will be made by mail only, addressed to Croisières NAVIPROMER, 16 rue Léonce Vieljeux, 17000 La ROCHELLE. The cancellation request must be made a maximum of 30 days after the scheduled departure date. Beyond this period, no request for reimbursement will be accepted. 100% reimbursement will be made by check.


For your safety, the NAVIPROMER Company invites you to take into account the particular behavior of a vessel at sea which may be subject to roll and pitch movements. Passengers must ensure that children do not run on board, do not climb on guardrails, caissons, seats or on life-saving appliances. It is possible to smoke on board the ship only in the reserved area (aft deck). Passengers are prohibited from transporting flammable, explosive or dangerous materials (gas cylinders, fuel, etc.). Pets travel under the responsibility of their owners. Dogs must be kept on a leash and possibly muzzled, they must not clutter the access passageways.

In the performance of transport subject to a transit ticket, the Company's liability is limited in all circumstances to the period during which passengers or goods are under direct control on board ships, installations and outbuildings, they have use. The Company may refuse to transport and disembark any passenger whose presence could, in its opinion, be detrimental to the comfort, convenience or safety of the other passengers on the ship or the crew.

Passengers will only be able to embark on the invitation of the cabin crew, and once on board, must comply with the safety instructions given by the crew. The NAVIPROMER Company does not answer for cash, securities, jewelry, and other objects, of any value whatsoever, carried by passengers, their flight, their loss, or their deterioration due for example to the natural movements of the ship ... On the appreciation of the crew or hostesses, bikes, baby carriages are allowed on board under the conditions of having informed the NAVIPROMER Company before purchasing their ticket. The NAVIPROMER Company is authorized to welcome people with reduced mobility. However, under certain conditions (port facilities not accessible for the embarkation or disembarkation in complete safety of these people, number greater than the number of places reserved for their use on board ...) access on board will not be possible. Also, we ask people with reduced mobility to register early enough before the start of the service in order to define the feasibility of boarding.

For all actions brought before a French court relating to the activity of the NAVIPROMER Company, the laws mentioned above on maritime transport and its subsequent decrees will be applied. All actions brought against the NAVIPROMER Company by passengers or their representatives can only be judged before the Commercial Court of La Rochelle.

* Force majeure is constituted by an event of external origin, unpredictable and irresistible, which makes the Company absolutely unable to perform the service.

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